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GOSVAL stands for Global Organisation for Scientific Validation of Ayurveda and Life Sciences.

A charitable organisation dedicated to research and development and services in area of human health, animal care, environmental care and education for all.


Mission - The aim behind Gosval                                   

Establish a society free from pain, hunger and sorrow.

Vision - The idea behind Gosval                                   

Our vision is to help the people from local to global to keep fit means from illness to wellness and prolong their life span by Ayurveda and Indian Ancient Wisdom and to educate people the norms of healthy, happy and spiritual life.

Our Heritage
The roots of Gosval go back to 1930 when Sri Sudama Goswami, started his health services as Chaitanya Ayurvedalaya, who inherited the knowledge of Ayurveda from his teacher Vaidyaraj Sri Gullu Goswami, from Farrukahabad (an ancient city Panchala, mentioned in Mahabharata.) Panchala is also known as Kampilya, the seat of Ayurveda established by Agnivesha and Atreya.Vaidyaraj Sri Gullu Goswami was one of the most eminent ayurvedic practitioners of late 19th and early 20th century.

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Location Of Gosval Clinical Wellness Centers and How To Reach

So far we have developed two natural landscapes for providing conducive environment to health and wellness to our seekers.
1.Maitreya Ayurveda Ashram at Udupi, Karnataka
2.Karunamayi Kiran Ayurveda Ashram at Govardhan(Mathura), Uttar Pradesh.

Maitreya Ayurveda Ashram is a place with natural beauty on beach of ocean also has its wing at river side, at the bank of Swarna River.This is a spiritually charged ancient architecturally planned ashram to give peaceful life with satvik food, the best Ayurveda detox and rejuvenation treatment in the arms of nature. We are running this organization since 2000 it also has its gurukul in same premises and herbal ayurveda garden.

Karunamayi Kiran Ayurveda stands at the spiritual abode of Krishna, Navkanan i.e. Vrindavan where all the Six seasons visit everyday. It is a divine land free from all polutions - Physical as well as Psycological. The landscape contains the Yamuna Kund and Govardhan Mountain. The divine place is frequently visited by local as well as migratory birds from Trans Himalaya Regions.

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News And Events
blog post
Jun 22.2022

Yoga for Humanity

Yoga for Humanity: 8th International Yoga Day celebrated at Maitreya Ayurveda Ashram Kome, Thekkatte...

blog post
Jul 31.2022

Vakwadi Gurukula Education Trust: “Sasyamrutha” Program

Dr. Tanmay Goswami was invited as a chief guest at “Sasyamrutha” Program organized by...

blog post
Jun 27.2023

Development of ecological systems

On 27th June Mr. M Dinesh Nayak Visited Maitreya Ayurvedic Ashrama


Global Organisation for Scientific Validation of Ayurveda Life Sciences.

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