Vakwadi Gurukula Education Trust: “Sasyamrutha” Program

DATE: Jul 31,2022
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Dr. Tanmay Goswami was invited as a chief guest at “Sasyamrutha” Program organized by Gurukula Education trust, Vakwadi, which was held with a great vision of introducing the plants and vegetables of traditional value and importance of traditionally prepared food.

Dr. Tanmay Goswami spoke about how it is important to follow the diet according to change of seasons and following the healthy life style for maintaining good health. He also told the importance of   traditional way of diet with medicinal plants and healthy life style has been mentioned in ayurveda and Charaka samhitha years ago. ‘It is important to consume and use health friendly foods to keep our health in good condition. When learnt theories on ayurveda are put into practice, medical career bring satisfaction ‘, he said.