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KarunamayiKiran Ayurveda Ashram

Journey To Spiritual & Physical Wellbeing


“Immerse yourself in the healing serenity of our Govardhan Ayurveda sanctuary.”

Rooms are constructed in a way that maintains balance of the body's Doshas through balanced luxury, comfort, temperature, and environmental conditions. A room with too little comfort can disturb Vata and Pitta, while a room with excessive comfort can make the body feel lazy and inactive, increasing Kapha and hindering weight reduction by creating blockages at various levels in the body. Therefore, Gosval provides moderate comforts during your stay in an eco-friendly manner.

Our accommodations are designed to harmonize with nature, promoting tranquillity and well-being. Executive Class: Wake up to breath-taking Yamuna Kund (Holy Water Body) stepping out onto your balcony to greet the Spiritual vibes and wind all around the ashram. Let the soothing sounds of the waves guide you into a day of relaxation and rejuvenation. Special Class: Surround yourself with the dual healing powers of the Ayurvedic garden. Find balance and harmony as you connect with nature's beauty.

  • A 1000-year-old Vedic Vastu structure depicting an unprecedented history of ancient India.
  • Spacious Heritage Rooms with modern day amenities
  • An Ayurveda diet-based Restaurant and an open area deck for evening get together.
  • Lush Green Lawn spreads and multiple open areas.
  • Spacious Conference Hall with conferencing amenities
  • Several Cultural & Sport activities for all age groups
  • Themed Experiences and Events
  • Arrangements for Day Picnic and excursions
  • Ideal for healing of ayurveda Panchakarma in lap of nature.

Rooms are constructed in such a way that, Doshas of the body remain balanced by balanced luxury, balanced comfort, temperature and environmental conditions. The room with less comfort, then it can disturb Vata and Pitta, where as room with over comfort, can make the body lazy, inactive which increases kapha, not supportive in reduction of weight as creates blocks at various levels in the body. Hence Gosval provides moderate comforts, during the stay, which is eco friendly.


Global Organisation for Scientific Validation of Ayurveda Life Sciences.

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