Bhishak Branches

GOSVAL - Temple of Total Health

Bhishak, Kome (Kundapura)

This OPD clinic being located near the shore of sea has a traditional architecture which makes the visitors feel homely. Helpful for the rural community with good service, good parking and waiting area.

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Bhishak, Kodial bail (Mangalore)

This property is very convenient to the patients as it is situated in the city of Mangalore. Has good waiting area, friendly & polite staffs with good service.

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Bhishak, Indrali (Udupi)

This property located nearly 4 KM from Krishna temple is very convenient for the patients residing in and around Udupi. The OPD being in the natural environment itself has a healing property.

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Bhishak, Kolalgiri (Udupi)

This property is located between the riverbanks of Madi river & Swarna river, 2 KM from the Kolalgiri main road. The Clinic is resided by the ā€˜ Gosval Organic Productsā€™, has a well irrigated medicinal plant cultivations also.

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For Appointment call +91 96068 73964 / +91 99021 35473


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