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'Gosval Organic Product' manufactures various types of medicines required for Hospitals after robust research & analysis as per shastra. Quality Control measures to maintain quality standards of medicines at all levels are ensured.
Standard hygienic conditions are maintained from raw materials till final product. The Pharmacy is attached to the Department of Rasa Shastra and Bhaishajya Kalpana and is managed and supervised by expert ayuveda research scholars who had practically practised Ayurveda formulation from many Samhithas such as Charaka Samhitha,Yogarathnakara, Sharangadhara, Chakradatta, Saharsra yoga etc .
In addition, certain highly effective Yogas are also prepared as per prescribed in Ayurvedic Scriptures. Here we prepare the medicines in a Traditional way .


Global Organisation for Scientific Validation of Ayurveda Life Sciences.

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