GoGrass – Food for Cows

Cows are the most adorable creation in this world. India, place where cows are worshiped for its divine quality, loved for its innocence. Now, it is our responsibility to protect & feed these lovely animals. The Go-Grass is entirely dedicated for the better look after and care of the cattles. In vrindavan, the place where Lord krishna used to protect his cows, we have started the Go-Grass project where the old, abandoned cows are bought and are provided with shelter. Many people who have kind loving heart towards cows offer donations in name of Go-Grass - A initiative to feed cows. There are 2 plans in this 1) 1 week - 1000 Rs 2) 1 month - 5000 Rs Go-Dhan Project is launched to adopt the abandoned cows. In this plan one cow is adopted for one year on your name, that means that year the cows are fed, taken care and all other requirements of that cow is taken care by you. Go-Dhan - 30,000 Rs

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